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Lead Generation
What is a lead generation system? It is a general business practice with methods that identify potential clientele and also effects recurring sales from existing customers. It also facilitates and reviews the effects of its marketing activities (ads, direct mail, etc.) on its intended target consumers.

Lead generation system encompasses marketing techniques from the very crude to the most sophisticated technologies. It could range from simple referrals from one contented customer to another; leaflets distributed on the streets, snail mail, e-mail, billboards, phone calls to the latest lead generation automated software.

The latest lead generation software can do anything from identifying potential customers to following up on these type of customers. It can also capture the profile of the people buying goods on the internet who have a striking similarity to the intended target of the home improvement contractor. With the captured data, the user of the software can then review how to go about implementing marketing activities which can ultimately lead to the goal of the marketer: make a sale.

This software also tracks the activities of the sales staff and their current location. It can also set up an instant internet conference with these staff using skype. There are other less sophisticated lead generation systems namely direct mailing, advertising and using referrals. The marketer can also use the system called buying and selling leads.

Our Lead Generation System helps contractors and home improvement companies to find potential customers that are looking for Home Improvement Projects. There are plenty of lead generation systems available: direct mailing, buying leads, advertising, and using referrals.

Our Lead Generation System will save you time and money by focusing your resources on homeowners and businesses that truly need your products and services.
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Sales Leads Management System

Our Lead Management System is a web-based system for managing and distributing leads. Take control of your leads and Save!

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Add your company to listing in our Contractor Directory and get customers who are in the market for your products or services.

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