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Lead Management
In the present generation, running a business and then keeping old customers and attracting new customers is a very formidable task. The tough business environment wherein rising number of businesses with the same products or services running after a fixed number of customers with dwindling resources is a reality which merchants need to analyze.
Gone are the days when all you need to sustain your business is to take care of your old customers. Then post advertisements on the different media: TV, billboards, radio, etc. to attract new customers. Now it is more complicated.

A typical sales lead management procedure:
  • The business advertises in various media (LEAD GENERATION)
  • Various prospective customers react to ads, creating a CUSTOMER INQUIRY
  • Respondentsí information is captured (INQUIRY CAPTURE)
  • Filtering of captured information to determine validity (INQUIRY FILTERING)
  • The filtered leads are evaluated and prioritized according to potential value (LEAD GRADING)
  • Leads are distributed to marketing/sales personnel (LEAD DISTRIBUTION)
  • Leads are then contacted. They are prospective customers (SALES CONTACT)
  • Contacted and uncontacted prospects are then entered into automated follow-up processes (LEAD NURTURING)
  • Desired result is a new business sale (SALES RESULT)
The desired result of an effective Sales Leads Management System is the consummation of a sale. But before that happens, there are many things happening behind the scenes which Sales Leads Management System can deliver.
Lead Control Center main features:
Sales Activity Tracking and Collaboration
You can track tasks and activities, schedule joint meetings, assign tasks to other users in real time, from anywhere, at any time
Sales Activity Reports
A key to sales activity management is the ability to see what your sales organization is doing at any given time. Generate sales activity reports to get a birdís-eye view of your organizationís sales activities for better performance management.
Activity Scheduling
Schedule and set reminders for appointments and other activities for yourself and other users. Publish calendars for shared resources such as company or team activities.
Skype Integration
Do a call by clicking one button
Team Roles
Identify a role for each team member (executive sponsor, product specialist, and so on). Define a different security level for each member to provide access to the appropriate information.
Real-Time Alerts
Set custom alerts and rules (big deal alerts, at-risk deals, and so on) to automatically notify individuals of critical business events.
Activity History
Maintain a historical record of all activities (complete and pending) related to an account, contact, or opportunity

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Sales Leads
Management System

is a web based program designed for home improvement companies to help them efficiently manage, track, distribute and analyze leads.

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No software to install. Just use a web browser.

Better Management oversight for better predictability of revenue

100% lead follow-up

Focus on customer relationships for increased revenue

Enhance productivity through and easy to use interface

No lead duplication, No data loss

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