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At SalesLeadsPro.com, we don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach, because every business is different and has different needs. Use the comparison chart below to help figure out which of our plans best suites your needs.

Plan Feature Comparison Chart
Your best potential customer looking for you on the internet!
Your Company Listing will appear in our Contractor Directory that is used by homeowners looking for reliable, local contractors to fulfill their project needs. ALL directory pages are static HTML.
Number of Categories 8 8 Additional Category Listings are the best way to increase exposure.
List of Categories
Company Name yes yes  
Company Logo yes yes Add Logo to your Company Listing.
Address/Contact Info yes yes  
Website Link yes yes Add a direct link from your Company profile to your existing website. Increase search engine popularity and drive traffic and leads to your website.
Company Location Map yes yes Add Map to your Company Listing
Company Description
(number of characters)
300 300  
Lead Generator yes yes Add Lead Generator to receive free unlimited leads in real-time.
Photo Gallery yes yes Add a Portfolio Photo Gallery (4 photos)
Listing Position TOP Next to Pro Top placements get higher click rates and drive more traffic.
If you're not managing your leads, you're losing money!
Maximize return on investment (ROI) by ensuring all sales opportunities are fully explored and managed. Manage all your leads from one central online location.
Number of Categories 8 8 Manage your leads from different categories.
Number of Users 1-99 1-99 Sales agents can access and manage leads from anywhere through password protected individual accounts at home, office or on the road.
Number of Branches 1-99 1-99 Distribute sales leads among your branches/divisions.
Leads Upload yes yes Enter your leads into the system through bulk import .txt or .CSV file.
Assign Sales Lead yes yes Instantly assign leads to the correct sales agent from multiple sources, i.e. internet leads, mail leads, trade shows, call centers.
Admin Management yes yes Control leads distribution and users access.
Sales Agent Management yes yes Management system available on-line for all sales agents to manage leads.
Opportunity Tracking yes yes Track open sales opportunities from start to finish.
Search Engine yes yes Easily search for customer contact info, cases, and any other key info stored in your LCC database.
Schedule Management yes yes Ensures staff are not mistakenly scheduled for more than one activity in a given time slot.
Reporting yes yes Check the status of your leads, sales and marketing activity.
Archive 5+ years 5+ years Data archived and stored into your account. Contact info as well as lead history is available for easy reference.
Order and Quote Management no yes Manage quote and order process. Instant online price estimate for home improvement.

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